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The technological core of Look Lateral is represented by a hybrid blockchain (public-private), specifically developed to ensure security, simplicity, interoperability, and transparency to the platform. In a nutshell, our system enables the transformation of both rights and characteristics of a real asset (such as a painting) or an intangible one (i.e. sports rights, financial instruments, etc.) into immutable and tradable digital tokens in just a few steps.

Tokens are governed by a software code (smart contract) leveraging the ERC1410 protocol, allowing the automatic execution of specific functions upon the verification of predetermined conditions. For instance, this may involve the payment of a digital currency upon the transfer of token ownership or the distribution of fees to token owners when a transaction occurs on the underlying asset.

Smart contracts thus serve as the DNA of the token, defining what they represent, the associated rights, their functionalities, and when they come into play. The platform ultimately oversees token exchanges, employing proprietary algorithms to ensure increased liquidity and stability in the token market.

Our pillars

The technological infrastructure is built on four main pillars, representing the technological accomplishments that the Look Lateral development Team has achieved. These pillars set our platform apart from all market players:


Our partner

Dragonchain is the most innovative platform for the development of flexible, scalable, and customizable blockchain applications. Led by its founder, Joe Roets, who honed his development skills at Disney, Dragonchain was among the first companies to create solutions facilitating dialogue and interoperability between different blockchains. It pioneered applications that streamlined the adoption of this technology, earning the reputation of being "the most secure and scalable blockchain platform on earth."

The longstanding collaboration between Look Lateral and Dragonchain serves as a constant source of innovation. Today, it enables even traditional financial systems to seamlessly interact with our platform without disruption.

“Think of Dragonchain as a catalyst for dozens upon dozens of other disruptive blockchain platforms, making the tools easier and more accessible to developers and innovative minds”.


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