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Our mission

Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to provide financial intermediaries and, consequently, their clients with innovative investment opportunities represented by new asset classes whose enormous market potential has so far been accessible to only a few. We achieved this extraordinary result by simplifying the activities of operators and users to the fullest extent, managing the legal compliance of transactions, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user experience, and overseeing advisory services of assets. Our groundbreaking platform thus ensures complete transparency, accessibility, and high quality for all listed offerings.


Look Lateral Group

Look Lateral is the parent company and main brand under which various entities operate as a solid ecosystem, ensuring that each aspect of the project is entrusted to specific expertise. 

Dexx is the Swiss legal entity responsible for tokenizing assets and managing the exchange platform,

Fimart's mission is to identify all strategic assets in the market, especially in the Art sector, in order to tokenize them to all investors' benefit.

Sportex is the division dedicated to managing athletes' Sports rights as well as relationships with Sports organizations thus extending tokenization's disruptive potential to the sports industry within a safe blockchain environment.


Digital Exchange





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