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About Us

Look Lateral Inc is an American company with specialized skills in fintech, alternative assets and innovation.

Through our expertise and the help of strategic partners, we leverage the benefits of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence to support the Look Lateral group of companies and other B2B customers.

Look Lateral Group’s team comprises experienced professionals and leaders in finance, entertainment, law and technology.

Our value added lays in the custom design of smart contracts, providing tokens with deep intrinsic value. The tokenization process is not a “one-click” affair; it involves multiple steps (deal structuring, digitalization, primary distribution, post-token management etc) and specific know-how in order to deliver an effective and safe output.

What We do


A new system that allows to automate processes, certify ownership and transfer data in a decentralized, incorruptible and efficient manner. This flexible technology can be leveraged to run a wide array of applications enabling faster and cheaper transactions, automating and streamlining the whole financial security value chain.

Smart Contract

Series of programmable instructions encoded on the blockchain, with the aim to automatically enforce certain contractual obligations upon the occurrence of certain situations. Through smart contracts it is possible to create digital securities paying coupons, executing capital calls etc. on an automated basis, reducing to zero risks of fraud, mistakes and delay.


Tokenization is the missing link between a wider pool of investors and new sources of capital for private markets. A paradigm shift able to democratize entire asset classes and open-up entirely new markets and investment opportunities which couldn’t be efficiently translated in financial instruments (notably intangible assets).

Alternative Digital Securities

Alternative digital securities are digital certificates or contracts representing a portion of underlying “alternative” assets. The digital format and the fractioning of the underlying assets reduce entry barriers and eliminate redundant regulatory processes during the issue and transfer phase, adding security and transparency while simultaneously lowering costs.


DEXX: Digital Exchange

DEXX is building the leading European platform specializing in tokenizing alternative assets (tangible and intangible), allowing their fractional ownership and secondary market trading.

DEXX is a company under Swiss law and operates within the new FINMA regulations regarding Digital Securities.

Look Lateral Inc and Colombo & Partners are joint founders of this company.

FimArt: Financial Market of Art

FIMART (Financial Market of Art) is the first financial market for artworks.

FIMART is a platform that supports the issuance and exchange of financial products - Digital Alternative Securities - with artworks as their underlying assets. This process is done through smart contracts and NFT (Non Fungible Tokens).

FIMART democratizes the art market, making this asset class transparent, safe, and accessible to a much wider audience by generating new investors and new liquidity.

SportEx: The Sport Exchange

SportEx (The Sport Exchange) is the first digital financial market linked to assets and performance of the sports industry.

Creating a financial products related to patrimonial assets of professional athletes and/or sports clubs, the SportEx platform increases liquidity in the sector.

Additionally, it diversifies the investment portfolio by inserting qualitative elements such as transparency and public accessibility.

Explore DEXX, our Digital Exchange for asset and security tokens

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Key people

A blend of professionals from the worlds of high finance, technology, art market and business management.
All with very high skills and experiences of enormous importance and responsibility in their related sectors.

Niccolò Filippo Veneri
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Joe Roets
John Fiore
Head of Operations
Nicholas Thadaney
Executive Partner
Andrea Viganò
Executive Partner
Claudio Colombo
Executive Partner
Antonio Mele
Analytics and Finance Advisor
David M. Otto
Legal Advisor

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