A Digital Art Market, to fuel the next Renaissance.
As art and technology enthusiasts, it is the values of the Renaissance that drive us: reason, exploration, science, innovation and disruption. Look Lateral’s mission continues the raw invention of our Italian intellectual and artistic heritage.
Our mission is to redefine how art is bought, sold and authenticated worldwide, and to enable more universal participation in the global art market.
Our business model
Art is historically one of the most reliable investments. In the last 150 years, the art market has kept growing exponentially until reaching a $63,7B cap today – a 12% growth from 2016 to 2017. The next wave of Art Market Growth is spurred by the need of accessibility, liquidity and transparency – possible now through blockchain technology.
Look Lateral, through blockchain technology, allows Everyone to invest in the global art market buying and selling fractions of artworks.
For the first time, the art market can leverage also on a new category of investors: the crypto environment – a $280billion market in search for more stable and tangible assets like Art.
Fimart – Fractional Marketplace of Art – is a decentralized blockchain environment that facilitates transactions and ensures security for all users.
Look Lateral is in the process of evolving rapidly, internally, and by looking for relevant and strategic partners.  If interested, please do not hesitate to reach out.
We combine our primary focus of unlocking the true value of art with the commitment from our supporters including; investors, developers, corporations, art institutions, and foundations to make art genuinely accessible to everyone.
Below is a list of our partners, powering the vision of Look Lateral:
The Look Lateral team is comprised of art professionals, industry leaders, and noteworthy academics. Each team member contributes a unique perspective and industry expertise. This global venture has the backing of experts with a deep knowledge in the art, technology, and finance sectors.
This is the next Renaissance