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Blockchain is frequently discussed as a revolutionary force in finance; however, we prefer to characterize our platform as an evolution—a straightforward enhancement of systems that introduces increased liquidity, accessibility, transparency, and new opportunities to the market.
For everyone.

Niccolò Filippo Veneri, Look Lateral CEO & Founder



We are a multidisciplinary team of investment, legal and technology experts with a romantic vision: to make beautiful things available to everyone.

Hence we created the most comprehensive and innovative fin–tech infrastructure, a platform for the tokenization of traditional and alternative assets, as well as for the subsequent trading of tokens on the primary and secondary markets. 

What we do

We scout the best opportunities in Art, Sports, Collectibles, and Finance to unlock their ultimate value to everyone thanks to the potential of blockchain. We handle the entire process, from token design to creation, placement on the primary market, and trading on the secondary market. We also have made these markets liquid through an innovative system of liquidity pools and proprietary algorithms, ensuring the longevity of our tokens.

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Asset Search
& Collection

The infrastructure

can securely and effectively tokenize any asset

with  as solid value

and a market



Token design must fulfil the needs of the asset owner and the market, providing the token a secure and industry-compliant digital structure.



The contractual process by which the property of any asset is divided into digital certificates (“tokens”)  each representing a fraction of that asset.

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Primary & Secondary Market Trading

Each liquidity pool allows investors to always be able to trade immediately, at a price decided by an algorithm on the secondary market.

abstract Background

Our  Technology

Discover more about the hybrid technology behind this groundbreaking ecosystem, our main partner Dragonchain and all the innovative features of DEXX platform.

Our Assets

We pioneered the tokenization of notable assets such as an artwork by Lucio Fontana, a collectible Rolls Royce, and a racehorse from a highly reputable stable. These serve as iconic examples of the business verticals we aim to cultivate, and for the new ones to come.



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...And many more

A robust and differentiating


Specifically aligned with business needs, DEXX eliminates the typical issues and limitations that traditional blockchain systems currently face. 


Compliant with Swiss law and operating within the new FINMA regulations

regarding Digital Securities, it's a perfectly safe and transparent enviroment for fractional ownership and trading.

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for the Moon

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From Art and collectibles, to sport rights and financial products, there's literally no asset we can't tokenize! 

To partner with Look Lakeral, feel free to contact us.

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