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FIMART by Look Lateral is a marketplace FOR INNOVATIVE COLLECTORS, INVESTORS AND GALLERIES where fractions of art can be traded, provenance is guaranteed, and market trends can be tracked
LOOK LATERAL Partners are great
For the first time
Collectors can Liquidize 49% of their collection and keep physical possession of their art-pieces
Art Galleries can 100% ensure art Provenance
Investors of all sizes can invest in Art as a Liquid Asset + diversify within it
Art Industry can have an accurate view of market value and trends
True Value of individual works can now be established
Art lovers can buy and gift fractions of their favourite artworks
On Fimart, trust is finally ensured through incorruptible Blockchain technology and tagging systems. Access is easy for everyone, whatever their level of tech know-how. Transparency is guaranteed across the whole system, from provenance to transactions, through innovative design, while liquidity adds a premium to value.
Masterpieces will emerge as private collectors, art galleries and museums are all incentivized to buy and sell artworks in whole or fractional shares to new collectors/investors, and reclaim new liquidity while maintaining the right to sell the physical artwork and retain majority ownership of every listed asset.
Artists will be empowered to earn and produce. Investors will be able to invest in wealth preservation and potential for huge gain. The LOOK reward system will ensure The Power of Art will be available to all.
This is the next Renaissance