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Look Lateral: our story
Look Lateral was born in Mantua, and it’s no coincidence.
It’s no coincidence because it was Mantua that imprinted its mark of style, art and beauty in the Look Lateral DNA. Mantua is a small town in Northern Italy with a glorious past. Thanks to the Gonzaga family, for many centuries one of the most prominent in Italy, Mantua was among the birthplaces of the Renaissance, to this day offering the world its artistic and architectural masterpieces, created by the greatest masters of the day. The Sala dei Giganti by Giulio Romano, the Camera degli Sposi, by Andrea Mantegna, the Basilica di Sant’Andrea by Leon Battista Alberti.
Masterpieces that were ahead of their time, ushered in new styles and currents and turned Mantua into a thriving, innovative city. It was this legacy that drove Maria Grazia Savoia, mother of Niccolò, today CEO of Look Lateral, to found in Mantua the magazine that spawned the entire project, which Niccolò, after the untimely passing of his mum in 2011, paired with a digital platform devoted to modern and contemporary art.
It’s no coincidence because Mantua is a small city engulfed by a lush green area, surrounded by lake waters: a natural configuration similar to Seattle, WA, also surrounded by forests and lakes. It is here, more than 8000 Km away from home, that Niccolò chooses to found Look Lateral, Inc. It’s where he meets, and subsequently hires as CTO, Joe Roets, Dragonchain’s founder and current CEO, giving birth to a groundbreaking fin-tech startup, thus inaugurating a new path for Look Lateral.
It’s no coincidence because modern cryptography, including blockchain, owes at least part of its origins to Mantua, too. It was there that great humanist and architect Leon Battista Alberti (1404–1472), recruited by the Gonzaga to realize the aforementioned Basilica di Sant’Andrea and other iconic buildings, invented around 1467 the Alberti cipher, the first known system for polyalphabetic substitution, on which many of today’s solutions are still based.
Maybe not even Satoshi Nakamoto knows that his technological revolution has roots in Mantua, too. But Niccolò definitely knew it when, in early 2016, along with his team, decided to put blockchain to the service of the art market, with the intention of revolutionizing it and giving it a new and technological Renaissance.
Innovation, beauty, technology: the future of art was already written in the DNA of Look Lateral.
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