What is a Security Token?
A Security Token is a financial asset of a company or government digitalized as a cryptographic token.
A Security Token represents partial ownership of a company or asset, in the form of a digital token.
In traditional corporations, a company will publicly sell stocks through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or secondary offerings in order to raise funds to grow the company.
The Look Security Token
The LOOK Security Token’s value is based:
• on Company’s Equity: the total number of tokens issued represents a portion (around 20%) of Look Lateral Inc.
• on the Revenues’ shares: the Look holders will receive a percentage of each transaction that the Look Lateral platform will host;
• on Loyalty Points: granting premium benefits and experiences in the art world and in Look Lateral’s platform.
The Look Lateral Score
This score will be a function of the number of LOOK tokens held, and the length of ownership. The Look Lateral Score will influence the quantity of benefits and the share of revenue pool earned.
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