What is a Security Token?
A Security Token is a financial asset of a company or government digitalized as a cryptographic token.
A Security Token represents partial ownership of a company or asset, in the form of a digital token.
In traditional corporations, a company will publicly sell stocks through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or secondary offerings in order to raise funds to grow the company.
These tokens, like stocks, may provide the owners with dividends, a share of profits, potential interest payments, and can be traded on upcoming security token exchanges.
The Look Security Token
  • Each LOOK will carry an ownership interest in Look Lateral Inc, and this interest will allow Look Holders to participate in dividends by the Company. Look Holders will also have representation on Look Lateral’s Board of Directors.
  • Each LOOK will earn a portion of revenues generated on Look Lateral’s art marketplace.
  • Each LOOK will earn benefits, advantages and experiences through the implementation of Look Lateral loyalty program
The Look Lateral Score
This score will be a function of the number of LOOK tokens held, and the length of ownership. The Look Lateral Score will influence the quantity of benefits and the share of revenue pool earned.
Look Lateral’s Security Token Offering (STO):
Look Lateral’s STO is a four-step sale. LOOK tokens will be issued for an equivalent to 20% of Look Lateral Inc.
The first sale will have a set amount of tokens sold at a fixed price, while each subsequent sale details will reflect the company’s evolution based on platform clients, users, transactions, Fimart size, tagged artworks and any other relevant information.
How to Participate in the Security Token Offering:
Regulation D allows non-registered public offerings to sell securities domestically to accredited investors and locks them from selling their contributions for 12 months.
Regulation S allows a non-registered public offering to sell securities internationally to investors by providing exclusion guidelines from Section 5 of the Securities Act of 1933.
After the completion of the KYC, our investors will have the opportunity to purchase tokens with either fiat (USD) or cryptocurrency (ETH or BTC).
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