By Eugenia Bertelé

From April 11 to 15, São Paulo will be hosting the 14th edition of SP-Arte 2018, that has succeeded in turning from a regular modern and contemporary art fair into a real International Art Festival for this city, the most important economic center of the country

SP Arte 2017, general view - SP-ARTE 2018

SP-Arte 2017, general view

After these last two dramatic years – the recession, the major financial and political crisis, the corruption scandals all over the country – the economic growth seems to have finally restarted. Furthermore, since 2002 and thanks to a collective action by many Brazilian gallerists, the Government has decided to cut all custom duties on importations during the whole fair, SP-ARTE 2018, favoring both the participation of foreign customers, and the involvement of international artists – and of their pieces – working with local galleries.
Noemi Sala Atelier, INI Daybed, 2017 - SP-ARTE 2018

Noemi Sala Atelier, INI Daybed, 2017

160 high-profile exhibitors from 13 different Countries, 4 sectors, an incredibly busy agenda of side events, gallery nights, performances, debates and awards: SP-Arte is definitely the main Brazilian platform as for cultural exchange and professionalization of the local creative system, capable of creating and empowering the work of public institution and of private subjects – just like other similar Latin American realities.
Rodrigo Braga,Sinais de Alam, 2017, Anita Schwartz Galeria de Arte - SP-ARTE 2018

Rodrigo Braga,Sinais de Alam, 2017, Anita Schwartz Galeria de Arte

From the year it was founded, 2005, SP-Arte takes place in one of the most iconic spaces of the Brazilian modernism, the Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion, inside the project of the Ibirapuera Park designed by the archistar Oscar Niemeyer and seat of the 1957 São Paulo Biennial.
Walter Firamo, Pixinguinha, 1954, Galeria Mario Cohen - SP-ARTE 2018

Walter Firamo, Pixinguinha, 1954, Galeria Mario Cohen

The Main section will be hosting the most important Brazilian galleries dealing with modern and contemporary art, plus a few representatives of the international market – including for example David Zwirner and Marianne Goodman from New York City, Kurimanzutto from Mexico, White Cube from the UK and Franco Noero from Italy.
Hugo França,Banco Muriqui, 2017 - SP-ARTE 2018

Hugo França,Banco Muriqui, 2017

The Brazilian art market is no doubt the most developed of all South America, and this is confirmed by its capacity to host a venue exclusively dedicated to the marketing of design objects by world-renowned artists. Since 2015, in fact, SP-Arte has become aware of the power architecture and design can have as for representing the country globally, and has therefore decided to inaugurate a section dedicated to the sale of contemporary and modern furniture: Lamps, carpets and pieces created by the superstars of the Brazilian design (Lina Bo Bardi, Jorge Zalszupin, Sergio Rodrigues, Fernando y Humberto Campana) and by talented independent designers like Ana Neute, Gustavo Bittencourt, Domingos Tórtora, Marcelo Alvarenga, Noemi Saga, etc.
Wolfang Tillmans,Cushion, 2017, David Zwirner gallery - SP-ARTE 2018

Wolfang Tillmans,Cushion, 2017, David Zwirner gallery

This edition will be featuring 33 100% Brazilian exhibitors (not including the American Herman Miller, having a second seat in São Paulo), and it will be possible to admire, for example, how indigenous materials can be turned into real works of art – just like the furniture sculptures by Hugo França, created after logs of native wood. A really can’t-miss opportunity for all collectors fallen under the spell of such a creation, capable of developing extremely interesting “places of being”, in an incessant dialogue with this country’s nature and vernacular traditions.
Jorge Zalszupin, Carrinho de chá, 1959, Etel - SP-ARTE 2018

Jorge Zalszupin, Carrinho de chá, 1959, Etel

More things you can’t miss at SP-Arte: The sections curated by Luiza Teixeira de Freitas – Solo –, where it will be possible to see how 16 different projects by artists from all over the planet, with completely different styles and ages dialogue with one another; Repertório, a program curated by Jacopo Crivelli Visconti where great international artists still not well-known in Brazil – Christian Boltanski or Chen Zen, for example – dialogue with prominent local exponents with works dated in the ‘80s; the Performance program, directed by the Brazilian artist Paula Garcia, the editorial section and the many Talks featuring a team of international artists, dealing with subjects like avant-garde and gender differences, São Paulo‘s architecture, all the new forms of collecting, digital art, and how performances have evolved today.
Adriana Varejão, Tintas Polvo, 2013, Mul.ti.plo Espaço Arte + Polígrafa Obra Gráfica - SP-ARTE 2018

Adriana Varejão, Tintas Polvo, 2013, Mul.ti.plo Espaço Arte + Polígrafa Obra Gráfica

So just put in your agenda this can’t-miss venue in São Paulo, and wait for our correspondent to keep you updated, live, on all the amazing events of this Brazilian art week. Stay tuned! SP-ARTE 2018 April 11 to 15 São Paulo, Brazil