The entrance to the fair.
Maria Elena Rudolf, Art Stage VIP relations.
Antony Gormley; Feeling Material XXXVI; 2008. Steel bar; 238X196X178 cm.
Antony Gormley; Feeling Material XXXVI (detail); 2008. Steel bar; 238X196X178 cm.
Secundino Hernandez; Slowly taking place; 2013. Gouache, acrylic, alkyd and oil on canvas; 240X200 cm.
Yigal Ozeri; oil on canvas.
Yigal Ozeri; oil on canvas.
Works by Yue Minjun, Eran Shakine (statue and painting on right).
Zeng Fanzhi; Mask. Oil on canvas; 71.5x55.5 cm.
Antony Gromley; Quantum void IV; 2008. 3 mm stainless steel bar.
Wang Guangyi; BMW; 1994. Oil on canvas; 150X120 cm.
Christian Schoeler; Untitled; 2012. Mixed media and oil on canvas on wood.
Carl Emanuel Wolff; Boar; 2013. Porcelain.
Carl Emanuel Wolff; Boar; 2013. Porcelain.
Liu Bolin
Lee Jin Yong; Picasso; 2011. Oil on canvas; 193.9X112.1 cm
Koen van den Broek; Torque #30; 2013. Oil on canvas; 123X120 cm
Zao Wou Ki; Les grandes baigneuses; 1953. Original lithograph in color.
Joan Miro; Quatre coleurs and Plate VI from Oda a Joan Miro.
Daniel Daviau; Red Kangaroos; Bronze; 80X87X48 cm
Xia Xiaowan; Taihu Lake Painting; 2008. 163X97X52 cm.
Dolk; Goldrush; 2013.
Jitish Kallat; Circadian Rhyme - 4; 2012-2013. 24 figurines each; 30-38 cm high.
Zhu Yiyong; Memories of china No.3; 2008. Oil on canvas; 170X100 cm.
Zhu Yiyong; Memories of china No.44; 2013. Oil on canvas; 170X100 cm.
Dolk; Puppy Love; 2013. Mixed media sculpture.
Dolk; Pig mask and chief. Spray paint and acrylic on canvas.
Studio 30; Batman and Jokers; 2013. Mixed Media; 110X120 cm.
The Young Singapore, without a doubt the city of the future, welcomes its contemporary art fair for the fourth year: Art Stage Singapore. The location the fair is in is among the most futuristic and fascinating in the world. There’s an air of novelty and luxury. People of all ethnicities with big smiles quickly fill the entrance to the fair. There’s a strange and enthusiastic excitement… Singapore is a city that runs quickly and it’s clear that there’s a wish to represent a valid point of reference even for what concerns contemporary art. The organization is impeccable as usual, nothing is left to chance. The artwork’s level of quality, even if not as complete as Art Basel Hong Kong’s last edition, is constantly growing, and at this rate we will soon have two Asian fairs of great impact and international importance.
And now, for all of you who can’t be in Singapore, a tour among the artworks exhibited at the Art Stage VIP Preview.