Thoughts on UNTITLED Art Fair, Miami Beach 2017

UNTITLED Art Fair, Miami Beach 2017 is the venue that brings together influential galleries, artist-run exhibition spaces, and non-profit institutions. The art curated this year pulses with a deeply emotional excitement and intellectual vigor

Galleria Umberto Di Marino brings us Sergio Vega Shanty: on the mimetic faculty II, 2017. This exciting found objects installation “recasts art as the critic of human folly in South America”, according to Umberto Di Marino. You can feel the impact of Vega’s socio-political critique in his scenes that blend favelas superimposed on modern buildings, which De Marino sees as “modernity that cancels out the landscape.” It’s contemporary art being influenced by the povery of the favelas as human dwellings of the poor. Vega challenges us to stretch the personal meaning of art with images of women protesting desaparecidos as a political commentary and parrots that represent the colors of art itself with the hues of the Amazon.

Another exciting artist to watch is Matt Mullican, whose alarmingly present 88 MAPS — yellow canvas forces us to reconsider the personal signposts all around us: architectural shapes, grid-like assemblages and geometric city scapes. The 34 panel installation is acrylic and hand rubbed graphite crayon on canvas that pulses with black and grey. We did find a special delight this UNTITLED, Miami Beach with Not Design. It’s a small design firm that is bringing back the lost art of letterpress printing, in the middle of the digital revolution.

Our editor-in-chief, Pietro Ferrazzi was able to try out this truly anti-technological, artisanal method of printing letters and images. We are heartened that this method of printing is seeing something of a renaissance in Grand Rapids, Michigan and look forward to seeing more visits to see this collaborative studio at work.

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