Unlimited Art Basel 2015

The grand artworks exhibited in the fair’s special section

There’s always lots of anticipation for Art Basel’s Unlimited section, a sort of fair inside the fair, or better yet a museum in the fair.
Unlimited is a pavilion dedicated to large dimension artworks and videos.
74 galleries are showing their artists’ works: even if some aren’t really recent, the result is always of great importance and interest.
Noteworthy is the masterpiece by Kader Attia, an Algerian artist who is showing an installation called Arab Spring in which dozens of empty cases are broken by rocks and stones.
Martin Creed’s video should be seen: the mobility handicaps of various people become a fundamental part of their personality, besides being the rhythm and focus of the artwork itself.
Other interesting videos are those of Anna Gaskell, in a modern portrait of the artist Sarah Morris, Ed Atkins with Happy Birthday and the visionary triptych by Kenneth Anger.
Galleria dello Scudo is showing a room with 110 large artworks by Vedova set next to and crowded next to one another.
Of impact, even if older, are the artworks by Olafur Eliasson and Robert Irwin.
Pierre Huyghe is present with an installation that rebuilds a perfect ecosystem in a two meter case.

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