The best Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree is one of the most popular Christmas traditions, an ornament that brings with it strong symbolic value in many cultures

Let’s discover the eight most original Christmas Trees for artlovers!

The best Christmas Trees - Jota Castro Jota Castro, Here and now ( 2013 )
Jota Castro, in 2013, ushered in Christmas with a tree that has lost its color and the roundness of the typical decorations, replaced by tangles of barbed wire. This work confirms the accuracy of a style communicational understated but powerful, which is in the stringent, focused, dry congruence of signifier and signified, material and theme, the propellant of the working mechanism aesthetic. The idea of self-destruction of Europe, being a slave to consumerism, traditionalism and moralism. A bright sparkling tradition gives way to an inevitable decline and dumb, as the conscience of those who prefer to ignore our situation.
The best Christmas Trees - Philippe-Parreno Philippe Parreno, October, 2008
In 2008, at the Pilar Corrias Gallery in London, the inaugural exhibition ‘October’ presented Fraught Times: For Eleven Months of the Year and its an Artwork in December it’s Christmas (October), Philippe Parreno. The work consists of a sculpture, aluminum and cast iron, a decorated Christmas tree, made in large scale and painted. Playing with the length of time, we are committed to the concepts of celebration and desire; Christmas tree marked as the opening event of a new gallery. The work of Philippe Parreno is known to challenge viewers.
The best Christmas Trees - Paul-McCarthy Paul McCarthy, Tree, 2014
A giant art installation in Place Vendome in Paris, is attracting more attention than what American artist Paul McCarthy expected. It’s called Tree, and vaguely resembles a Christmas tree inflatable. McCarthy said that is somewhat inspired by a toy for anal sex, but insisted on the irony of the installation, which is understood as “abstraction”. Conservative French critics are denouncing the sculpture on social media. Le Monde reported that McCarthy was hit in the face by a man who said that the sculpture, which had just been inflated, should not have been there.
The best Christmas Trees - Andy Warhol Andy Warhol, A Chrstmas Thing, 1958
He was a practicing Catholic, so it should not be a surprise that Andy Warhol was quite taken with Christmas. To coincide with the holidays, Christie’s, the auction partners of Andy Warhol Foundation, have put together an online auction of the party. A Christmas Thing, offers a glimpse of how Andy Warhol spent the holidays with holiday photos and charming cherub works on paper. Among the lots are some Christmas items emblematic, including the first designs of the ‘50s, as the images of Christmas cards that Andy Warhol drew for commercial clients as Tiffany.
The best Christmas Trees - Roman Signer Roman Signer, Room with Christmas Tree, 2010
Christmas in July, edited by Simon Castets, is one of the summer exhibitions at Yvon Lambert Gallery in 2010 in Paris. Opens literally “with a bang”, with the presentation of Zimmer mit Weihnachts (Room with Christmas Tree) Roman Singer. A decorated tree, which runs on an engine, creating his own ornaments, and then fly away and destroy the walls. As Simon explains Castets of Interview Magazine, “seemed to convey the mixed feelings that many of us on Christmas, which is omnipresent. It ‘a party that you can not really escape in our world, even if you do not celebrate”. Signer’s work qualifies as conceptual, although it is almost always self-explanatory. Has an immediacy that extends its appeal beyond art lovers.
The best Christmas Trees - Tony Cragg Tony Cragg, Spyrogyra, 1992
Spyrogyra capture the general mood of the sculpture by Tony Cragg, and embodies some of the deeper aspects of his work as a whole. The gray bottle is obviously a reference to the famous Readymade of Duchamp, Egouttoir 1914; This alludes to the conceptual and playful Tony Cragg, alluding often wittily and art history. The structure is still much more open and intuitive than the original Duchamp. The spiral suggests immediately the structure of DNA and the organic connections, which are ubiquitous in the forms of Cragg. Each stem attached to the spiral can accommodate all types of bottles, so each time you assembled changes in particular, but maintains its essential form.
The best Christmas Trees - Giuseppe Penone Giuseppe Penone, Space of Light, 2012
With its brilliant twelve-meter sculpture, Giuseppe Penone examines our relationship with nature. The work was originally conceived by a fallen tree that the artist found in the mountains. He then cast the object found with the bronze, as the intensity and characteristics of this material can be compared to those of the bark of a tree. The molten metal was divided into sections and branches originals have been specifically arranged so that acted as the legs of the piece. The interior is in gold leaf and pays tribute to the vital forces of light.
The best Christmas Trees - Keren Cytter Keren Cytter, Four Season, 2009
The film Four Seasons (2009), part of the exhibition ‘Domestics’ Berlin, opens with a celebration of neo-noir of the late’ 80s Hitchcock: a turntable sounds dramatic songs of Ferrante and Teicher. The artist plays the female lead like a rebellious Hollywood beauty, dressed in a leopard print dress, with red lips pouting nonchalantly.
As the film unfolds, it reveals conflicting stories. A voiceover describes the building with its architectural elements as metaphors for human behavior. Culminating with a series of objects that burn spontaneously, Four Seasons is a tribute to all that is false, showing visual clichés and Lo-Fi effects. Yet, somehow, Keren Cytter creates a sense of intensity and drama, rather than cynicism.
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