The Bass: Miami Art Week 2017

Emotions between ancient and contemporary at The Bass

Our art team continued an exciting trek through Miami Art Week at The Bass. We were immediately drawn to Six-channel video production, sound, blue filters of Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone.
‘ Flashes of imagery flow on mounted screens, hitting the viewer with a cinematic montage that hits us with a palpable sense of kinetic power: a man near a car, gradually disappearing in a heavy fog. A woman in a negligé, twisting slowly in what appears a deep emotional state. Pleasure. Grief. We don’t know. It doesn’t matter. Rondinone reconnects us to the sensory perception of a child. To see the everyday, we must clear our minds. Our mental tabula rasa can focus and appreciate our lived moments more fully. The moments of mindfulness when we are most human.
‘ We come to the Argentine artist Mika Rottenberg. Her art immediately attacks our sense of complacency. Our comfort with a world of precurated social media, streaming video and commercial imagery. The piece Ponytail (blond), 2016 is a ponytail sticking out from a hole in the wall—twitching and swishing. But it’s not there to entertain. Perhaps the very absurdity of watching this dancing bit of hair is a statement, a critique of how society has commodified the female identity and the female form.
‘ Her video installation, shows images of Chinese women working in factories. We live in a mechanized world that subsumes human identity. The workers seem indifferent to their fate of endless tasks and points to their existential existence in a world where humans are used as labor machines.
‘ We view the other Rottenberg video installation through a peep hole in the wall. A kaleidoscope of images and rich colors. Lips and buttocks that spout white liquids and smoke, while their mirror images meet then merge in a constant revolving flow of the imagetic that is absurd.
‘ We question what is real. What is true to our eyes—or commercialized and oppressed sources of our everyday truths: how we work, how women are essentialized to bodies that produce labor and financial value for the state.
‘ The journey continues.

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