The 5 best artists of the '20s

From a historical point of view the twenties were quite tumultuous, the political conditions that would bring to the outbreak of World War II just a decade later were starting to build up. The world was destroyed by the war, a period of re-construction and renewal started and America was seen as an example of growth that then collapsed after the crisis of 1929. On the artistic front the new continent was gearing towards a return to realist tendencies, many artists had been let down by the new avant-garde movements. In Europe abstractionism took hold, the idea was to declare a new method of aesthetic conception that wasn’t based on a loyal repetition of objects to portray. This concept would be carried on especially by Bauhaus during these years for what concerns figurative art, and applied arts and architecture as well. The Twenties are also the years of Surrealism, a direct consequence of Dadaism, born thanks to the importance that Breton gave to dreams and the subconscious in modern culture. Let’s go through these steps that are full of events and charged with artistic productions through the 5 best artists from the ‘20s.

I 5 migliori artisti anni 20 - Piet Mondrian Piet Mondrian ( 1872–1944 )
In 1917 he founded the group “De Stijl” along with Theo van Doesburg and Bart van der Leck. Even if his style was fairly traditional, figurative and naturalistic at first, at a certain point of his career the artist turned his style towards a sort of geometric minimalism following several inspiring external influences. His personal philosophical and spiritual studies were important for his work, observing Picasso and Braque he reached a personal geometric style enriched by a more and more important minimalist vein. His paintings, often imitated and trivialized, are composed of areas that are almost always painted with homogenous blues, reds, yellows and framed with a black line that became thicker as the artist took awareness of his style. It’s a mistake to call Mondrian’s works “non –representative”, instead they are the result of a careful study and personal research.
I 5 migliori artisti anni 20 - Josef Albers Josef Albers ( 1888–1976 )
He was a German painter and theoretician of abstract art.
The artworks that set him apart from others are characterized by geometric forms that are evenly filled with primary colors and that aren’t necessarily created on traditional supports, in fact the artist often uses glass supports through which he can continuously change the artwork’s visual perception. He was also a passionate and creative painting teacher, for Bauhaus, which he joined in 1920. A careful theoretician of abstract art, he was engaged in studies on perception through the creation and observation of ambiguous geometries and on their potential evocative qualities.
I 5 migliori artisti anni 20 - Paul Klee Paul Klee ( 1879–1940 )
An all-around artist, Klee loves music and poetry but especially painting, which he considers the highest form of art. A son of two musicians, for him music represents an important and fundamental means of artistic inspiration. As much as he is considered an abstract artist, abstractionism is not his only approach to art, he thought that art shouldn’t represent reality, but that it should be a conversation around and on reality. In fact his vision of the real world produced artworks in which reality is altered, evanescent, dissolved, a personal representation that creates a wide range of supports. His paintings are free, carefree, playful, almost as if they were the result of a child’s innocent hand. He was an enthusiastic painting teacher, a passionate theoretician of abstractionism and in 1911 he founded «Der Blaue Reiter» along with Alfred Kubin, August Macke, Wassily Kandinskij and Franz Marc.
I 5 migliori artisti anni 20 - Salvador Dalì Salvador Dalì ( 1904–1989 )
Dalì is one of the main representatives of the surrealist movement, a persona with a versatile and eccentric character, with a lack of a sense of measure, besides painting, during his artistic career, he worked in several fields such as cinema, sculpture and writing, theatre and design. He was a skillful drawer, an extravagant man with a lively imagination. He declared that his artworks were inspired by Renaissance techniques and they are full of symbolism, for him painting is a way of showing his most subconscious impulses and desires. His is a hallucinatory art rich with evocative images and artificial scenes in which he often faces the theme of paranoia. Very often his behaviors at the limits of decency had people paying attention to him rather than his art.
I 5 migliori artisti anni 20 - Man Ray Man Ray ( 1890–1976 )
Emmanuel Radnitsky is Man Ray’s real name. Since he was a child he loved painting and graphic representation, but he’s known especially for his great ability in photographing, in fact he became the official photographer of the surrealist movement. An artist with a multi-faceted personality, he was a passionate inventor of the most varied objects, so strange and absurd that they could be defined as sculptures. Thanks to his friendship with Duchamp he came into contact with the American Dadaist movement, he revolutionized the art of photographing inventing a new technique called “Rayography”, which consists in putting objects between the light source and the photographic paper.
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