MiArt 2018

MiArt 2018

By Pietro Ferrazzi

MiArt 2018 – international Modern and Contemporary Art Fair – is about to start in Milan. Many different sections, art galleries involved and interesting talks open to the public: this important art event, now at its 23rd edition, animates the City with an international audience from the art world

More and more lively and international, MiArt fair starts today offering the public a wide array of artworks from many important galleries. Italian gallerist Massimo De Carlo opted for a solo exhibition by Carsten Holler, displaying a huge mushroom together with many smaller ones all arranged into a cute glass cabinet – leaving aside the spring-like freshness for a high-impact result.
Carsten Holler at Massimo de Carlo - MiArt 2018

Carsten Holler at Massimo de Carlo

Massimo Minini’s large booth embraces color with an extra-white sculpture by Paolo Icaro as well as colorful combs “Per la barba di Merlino!” created by Alice Ronchi. Patrick Tuttofuoco and Nicholas Byrne look at each other into a beautiful dual show presentation at Federica Schiavo Gallery’s corner. Graceful, light and colored is Mathias Bitzer’s sculpture at Almine Rech’s stand. MiArt 2018 Always inspiring, the Generations curated section in which two galleries create a dialogue between artists belonging to different generations. Both galleries share the same stand collaborating on a single exhibition project. Here you will love the tridimensional artworks by Alicja Kwade (Konig Galerie) displayed together with Luisa Lambri ’s photographies (Thomas Dane Gallery).
Afro Basadella - MiArt 2018

Afro Basadella

The Decades section instead, pays tribute to the central role of art galleries throughout the 20th century. Each booth, embracing a key moment or historical period, exhibits a special project – in a succession of 9 – dating from the 1910s to the 1990s. We suggest you to have a look at Afro Basadella (Galleria dello Scudo) and Jo Spence at Richard Saltoun’s gallery. Gallery P420 features a section of the recently ended exhibition “Foreign Bodies”, a double solo show by the artists John Coplans and June Crespo who respectively, through photography and sculpture, have conducted research with a particular focus on the relationship between the body and its representation.
Foreign Bodies - MiArt 2018

Foreign Bodies

Young and brilliant Loom Gallery has choosen three elegant emerging artists: Paul Gees, Marco Andrea Magni and Louis Reith.
Loom Gallery - MiArt 2018

Loom Gallery

Mai 36 Galerie opted for a single booth with artworks by Matt Mullican – on view also at Hangar Bicocca (Milan) with a solo retrospective “The feeling of things
Matt Mullican at Mai 36 - MiArt 2018

Matt Mullican at Mai 36

Throughout the artFari, there will be many live art events in the city such as the gallery night (on wednesday), the opening of Prada Foundation’s 60 mt Tower and Michele Guido’s exhibition at Palazzo Borromeo. It’s going to be an intense week! Stay tuned for more fresh art delivered daily.