#Artissima2017 – Present Future Section

Welcome to the Future! A panoramic view on Present Future Section of Artissima2017, devoted to emerging talents, selected by a board of young curators from around the world

Present Future 2017 hosts even this year the great artists of tomorrow, such as Cally Spooner (1983, Ascott) that with her project “The Performative”, born from the collaboration between the GB Agency and Zero Gallery, has just won the 17th Illy Present Future Award. She faces the disease of contemporaneity, focusing on inaccessibility through interrupted speech games. Among the others Salvatore Arancio, who in his “Soft Land No Longer” shows to the visitors an imaginary landscape in which the ceramic color games evoke a place that got an ancient flavor. The Swiss-German artist Miriam Laura Leonardi decides to combine the idea of video and the materiality of hand-made shoes, inviting the public to wear her Duchamps and to enter into her imaginary world.

Present Future Artissima 2017

Nicolas Lamas in her “Loss of Symmetry” approaches space in a very funny way: colorful balls and a blue rubber carpet; in which a rigid structure embraces all the objects present, and visitors too. Ruta Di Genuardi shows her inspirations picked up from the architectonic operas of the italian engineer Pier Luigi Nervi, and visitors can enjoy the perspective games of her wall made by leather and velvet. Marta Riniker loves sweets and security mechanism. So she decided to mix the solid with deteriorating matters. Omar Ba, born in Senegal, but living and working in Switzerland, decided to go back to his roots but in a new way, showing the present through his country by painting african men wearing theirs traditional masks. And in the end, Todd Bienvenu’s expressionistic paintings, made by oil, aim to, thanks his carefull selection of colour and give the idea of every day life in a direct and funny way.

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