By Camila Opazo

Within the framework of the contemporary art fair of Buenos Aires Argentina, arteBA 2018, we have experienced the five best restaurants of the federal capital

Art is a pleasure that can be accompanied with the intensity of local flavors complementing the cultural proposal of each country.


GEOREFERENCE: Chile No. 499 esq. Bolívar_ San Telmo_ Buenos Aires_ Argentina.
El Baqueano, Garron de cordero patagonico, berenjenas ahumadas - 5 top restaurants in Buenos Aires: the pleasure of original food

El Baqueano, Garron de cordero patagonico, berenjenas ahumadas

Forging its meaning in the temple, the observation of time and the environment El Baqueano offers us a cuisine of Argentine origin, the experience of tasting products grown in different Eco regions of the country and developed under the protection of each season, does not cease to amaze us. The path of the observer develops on each plate. A space interrelated to the kitchen area is the necessary warmth to be able to enjoy directly the process of each preparation: unmissable are its llama meat and its preparations with quinoa. We can not leave aside their bar, that they call the space of the most spirited drinks in the world, next to a double-height cellar of 1200 bottles.


GEOREFERENCE: Av. Scalabrini Ortiz 1543, 1414_ Buenos Aires_ Argentina.
Gran Dabbang - 5 top restaurants in Buenos Aires: the pleasure of original food

Gran Dabbang

Noted for its fusion food – Asia and India, the sensation of a magical curry in the mouth invading the senses of exotic flavors is unforgettable. Colorful and unpretentious, this place puts your attention on each plate served on the table. An excellent service and reasonable prices are one of its attractions. Each ingredient, selected on the present season, composes the dishes of a short, but assertive menu. The combination of chickens, mozzarella and aubergines among other ingredients stand out in their proposal, although I cannot forget the carrot chutney and the exceptional raita. Mariano, the Chef, every now and then comes out of the kitchen to say hello.


GEOREFERENCE: Alicia Moreau de Justo 1160_ Puerto Madero_ Buenos Aires_ Argentina.
Chila, madurado y zanahoria fermentada - 5 top restaurants in Buenos Aires: the pleasure of original food

Chila, madurado y zanahoria fermentada

They define their pillars as three: cuisine in its highest expression, quality and seasonality. Of my favorites, not only for its flavors, ingredients and dedication in the service but also for the originality and aesthetics in its presentation. The respect for the product of small merchants and in their organic times is reflected in each composition of their dishes. An elegant environment that looks directly towards puerto Madero creates the perfect atmosphere to enjoy each work of art reaching the table. Acoustic, few places have it so well resolved and a first class service. Highly recommended is the Menu of Times with pairing; the cava is composed of high-level wines, highlighting their Malbec and Pinot Noir. Impossible to forget the Tomato / Molleja / Yogurt Snack from Chimichurri from the menu, chapter XV.


GEOREFERENCE: Aráoz 1676, Palermo _ Buenos Aires_ Argentina.
Proper - 5 top restaurants in Buenos Aires: the pleasure of original food


Housed in an old mechanical workshop, Augusto Mayer and Leo Lanussol’s restaurant retains its original aesthetic. With an integrated kitchen in sight, all focus is placed on the wood-fired oven being the meeting point for all its dishes. A space dedicated to national producers, following the rigor of all the restaurants exposed in this note; each ingredient is from the corresponding station that is why, with a young spirit it is one of my favorites, because of its varied and sophisticated menu. The plate of roasted eggplant, stracciatella, apricots and caper leaves was one of my favorites, the taste of the eggplant next to the caper leaves was delicious, a complete novelty for me. The rustic left of the wood on the ingredients is an experience that exceeds the capital and transports us to the origin of each food, with its cooking time to perfection. In this particular place the chosen dessert was like being in the glory, Roasted figs, fig tapenade and Camembert goat cheese, a logical mixture but achieved with total originality.


GEOREFERENCE: Salta 1050 _ CABA_ Buenos Aires_ Argentina.
Aramburu - 5 top restaurants in Buenos Aires: the pleasure of original food


A menu of 18 times with pairing can sound a lot, usually they are fewer, but I decided to take a risk. Dishes of a singular aesthetic and a deeply informed sommelier are the result of this pleasant experience. Aramburo is another of the places where I have been able to enjoy time as part of the meal, with an excellent service while tasting Argentinian products of healthy origin. The times with different meats and vegetables were the high note of this unforgettable experience.